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The Pinelands and Highlands Matter – They Need Your Active Support

Make sure the Pinelands and Highlands conservation and land use plans are enforced in a consistent and rigorous way.

Act now on this important issue!

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At least 6.4 million New Jersey residents rely on water from the Highlands and Pinelands regions for their drinking water. These two special regions – the Highlands and the Pinelands of New Jersey – each have unique laws and regional growth management plans that aim to protect forests and water supplies from being destroyed by sprawling, uncontrolled development.

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The Great Egg Harbor River

  • In the Pinelands, South Jersey Gas is asking the Pinelands Commission to give it a waiver of rules that forbid this kind of development in the Forest Area.The Commission has not yet agreed, so we have a short time to persuade it to enforce its rules and say “no.”
  • In the Highlands, the “Northeast Upgrade Project” through the heart of the Highlands has received most of its approvals and is being built, but advocates are challenging the project in court.

It is essential that the public let political leaders know this is a bad mistake that must not be repeated.

On the Pinelands, contact Katie Smith at (609) 859-8860 x 122 or

On the Highlands, contact Julia Somers at (973) 588-7190 x 1 or

Act now on this important issue!

Take Action!

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