Tools and Tips

One thing that you can do is encourage your municipality to pass a resolution requesting that the Governor of New Jersey and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection release an update to the New Jersey Water Supply Master Plan immediately for public review and comment and, following such comment, finalize, adopt and implement the Plan.

Your municipality can then follow up by sending a letter to the Governor’s office, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and to our New Jersey Assembly and Senate members alerting them to our concerns about the lack of a current Water Supply Plan  in New Jersey.

Here is a sample resolution.

Here are suggested sources for more information on regional planning, forests and water:

Conservation at Home

  • Check out these water conservation and protection tips from South Jersey Water Savers – a joint program of the American Littoral Society, the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Rutgers Cooperative Extension and the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary.


Regional Planning

  • The Highlands: Critical Resources, Treasured Landscapes, edited by Prof. Richard Lathrop (Rutgers University).  Rutgers University Press (2011).  Each chapter in this book is written by a different researcher and it examines the landscape of this region so important as open space and a source of drinking water for over fifteen million people.
  • Regional Planning for a Sustainable America, edited with an introduction and conclusion by Carleton Montgomery (executive director of Pinelands Preservation Alliance), Rutgers University Press (2011).  The web site complements the book and offers the book for sale, with proceeds supporting the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.

Forests and Water

Green Infrastructure


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