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Learn more about how you can support protection of your water supply by the contacting the following organizations.

Pinelands Preservation Alliance
New Jersey Highlands Coalition
American Littoral Society
Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions
New Jersey League of Conservation Voters
New Jersey Conservation Foundation

Pinelands Preservation Alliance

17 Pemberton Rd., Southampton NJ  08088
Phone: 609-859-8860  Website:

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the Pinelands of New Jersey. We use advocacy and education to involve the public and persuade government to protect the natural and cultural resources of this extraordinary region. We support the Pinelands Protection Act and Comprehensive Management Plan, and we seek to improve these and other environmental laws to better protect the Pinelands’ natural and historic resources.Pinelands Preservation Alliance Logo

We serve as the public’s watch-dog over government, going to meetings and analyzing the actions and documents that most citizens cannot monitor on their own. Drawing on the energy and creativity of staff and volunteers, we focus on protecting the water, wetlands and forests that make the Pine Barrens a globally unique ecosystem. We take people out into the Pine Barrens to show them first-hand how beautiful and fascinating this landscape is. We work with teachers and students to bring the Pinelands into school curricula. And we work with citizens to hold government accountable for saving the Pinelands.

New Jersey’s Highlands Coalition

508 Main Street, Boonton, NJ 07005
Phone: (973) 588-7190 Website:

NJHC-NewLogoThe New Jersey Highlands Coalition has been advocating for the protection of the Highlands’ water and other natural and cultural resources since 1988. What began as a coalition of grassroots, regional, state-wide and national environmental and conservation organizations incorporated in 2006 as a charitable non-profit with its own Board of Trustees and a dedicated staff.

Today, the New Jersey Highlands Coalition continues to represent its more than 70 member organizations in the preservation of the New Jersey Highlands region and its extraordinary resources that so many of us depend upon:  Water, recreation, connections with our past, places to explore, places to play, places of beauty and a place to call home.

American Littoral Society

Sandy Hook Headquarters Office, 18 Hartshorne Dr. Ste. 1, Highlands NJ  07732
Phone: 732-291-0055  Website:

The American Littoral Society promotes the study and conservation of marine life and habitat, protects the coast from harm, and empowers others to do the same.American Littoral Society logo

Since 1961 we have empowered people to care for the coast through advocacy, conservation, and education. We not only provide a voice for the coast, but also give concerned citizens the knowledge and tools they need to raise their voices with us. When we restore habitat, our objective is not only to restore a dune or rebuild an oyster reef, but also to motivate people to invest “sweat equity” into a piece of the coast, take ownership and become committed stewards. When we educate, we don’t merely provide books, CDs, or handouts. We lead students young and old into the water to get their feet wet and their hands muddy. Sitting at a computer or reading a book, people may develop an interest in the coast; standing knee deep in sea foam with sand between their toes, they can develop a passion for the coast.

Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions

P.O. Box 157, Mendham NJ  07945
Phone: (973) 539-7547 Website:

The mission of the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) is to achieve responsible and sustainable use of New Jersey’s natural resources and protection of environmental health.  ANJECANJEC logo CMYK is a statewide organization that provides leadership, education, and support for environmental commissions and other local boards and public officials, and partners with other organizations to advocate for strong state and regional environmental policy.  For more than 40 years ANJEC has organized the annual Environmental Congress.  The Congress is a statewide gathering of environmental commissioners, state and local officials, members of New Jersey’s environmental and conservation organizations, and other individuals concerned about our state’s environment.

New Jersey League of Conservation Voters

PO Box 1237, Trenton, NJ 08607-1237
Phone: (609) 331-9922 Website:

The New Jersey League of Conservation Voters serves as the leading political voice for the environment.  We are a non-partisan, statewide organization dedicated to holding elected officials accountable for all their actions that impact our precious natural resources. We accomplish this by:NJ logo for email stationery

  • Educating, engaging, and mobilizing voters with objective and accurate information about their elected officials’ records on environmental issues;
  • Working to elect the most environmentally responsible candidates to office;
  • Increasing the political efficacy of the entire environmental community through greater collaboration and a sharper strategic focus;
  • Advocating sound policy-making that safeguards the health of New Jersey residents and protects the beauty of our state;
  • Elevating the importance of environmental issues in public discourse.

New Jersey Conservation Foundation

170 Longview Road, Far Hills, NJ 07931
(908) 234-1225  Website:

The mission of New Jersey Conservation Foundation (NJCF) is to preserve New Jersey’s land and natural resources for the benefit of all.  During the last 50 years, NJCF has preserved more than 120,000 acres, including many that are now federal, state, county or local parks, using every legal means available for land protection to achieve conservation goals. They also pioneered the use of conservation easements in New Jersey as a land-saving tool.NJ Conservation Foundation logo small

NJCF has been instrumental in the passage of dozens of landmark environmental laws, including those establishing the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act and the Pinelands and Highlands regional planning acts. They have advocated forcefully against inappropriate development, at times through litigation leading to protected lands like Sparta and Wildcat Mountains in the Highlands, lands within the Pine Barrens and Newark’s pristine Pequannock Watershed, Soldiers and Sailors State Park in Edison, and Curlis Lake Beech Forest in Pennington. They fought and prevented the diversion of preserved public lands to other uses, including Hamburg Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Newark’s Riverbank Park, and parkland in South Harrison, Gloucester County.

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