About the SaveH2ONJ.org Campaign

SaveH2ONJ.org is a campaign to highlight the importance of regional planning and water supply protection. Learn more about the organizations behind the campaign.

Billboard Campaign

One of our first campaign efforts has included the creation of a billboard placed in close proximity to New Jersey DEP’s offices in Trenton. The advertisement focuses on the importance of the Highlands and Pinelands regions to the state’s water supply and features Eileen Swan, former director of the New Jersey Highlands Council who was released from the council against the objections of many who support Highlands protection.

Got Water SaveH2Onj Billboard graphic

The SaveH2Onj.org billlboard located in Trenton near DEP offices.

Pinelands Preservation Alliance

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance (PPA) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the Pinelands of New Jersey.

We use advocacy and education to involve the public and persuade government to protect the natural and cultural resources of this extraordinary region. We support the Pinelands Protection Act and Comprehensive Management Plan, and we seek to improve these and other environmental laws to better protect the Pinelands’ natural and historic resources.

We serve as the public’s watch-dog over government, going to meetings and analyzing the actions and documents that most citizens cannot monitor on their own. Drawing on the energy and creativity of staff and volunteers, we focus on protecting the water, wetlands and forests that make the Pine Barrens a globally unique ecosystem. We take people out into the Pine Barrens to show them first-hand how beautiful and fascinating this landscape is. We work with teachers and students to bring the Pinelands into school curricula. And we work with citizens to hold government accountable for saving the Pinelands.

New Jersey’s Highlands Coalition

NJ Highlands Council LogoThe New Jersey Highlands Coalition has been advocating for the protection of the Highlands’ water and other natural and cultural resources since 1988. What began as a coalition of grassroots, regional, state-wide and national environmental and conservation organizations incorporated in 2006 as a charitable non-profit with its own Board of Trustees and a dedicated staff. Today, the New Jersey Highlands Coalition continues to represent its more than 70 member organizations in the preservation of the New Jersey Highlands region and its extraordinary resources that so many of us depend upon:  Water, recreation, connections with our past, places to explore, places to play, places of beauty and a place to call home.